Learn Web3.0 Development of Tomorrows Job Market in 6 weeks

I teach developers how to program their first blockchain application so they can work remotely on a challenging but exciting and highly paid technology while still working at their regular job.


My name is Lukas and I am a Web3.0 coach for software developers and a full-time blockchain engineer at Lightstreams for the last 2 years.

What is Web3?

Web1.0 is characteristic by static documents, personal web pages and few content producers.

Web2.0 represents read/write/publish model controlled by corporations, commercial platforms with emphasis on mass communication, content and data centralization (Youtube / Facebook / Instagram / Medium).

Web3.0 is an evolved paradigm shift with purpose to build autonomous, transparent, decentralized, peer-to-peer systems and applications. The focus is on users data privacy and ownership. Tokenized economy empowers efficient trades by completely removing a middleman. Blockchain immutability and cryptography is used to meet highest security standards to enable perfect transparent audit, prevent data breaches and avoid identity thefts.

Why should you learn Web3 development?

Career Reasons
Financial Reasons
Political Reasons
Career Reasons
  1. You will program blockchain applications. The technology of tomorrow's job market and be gaining experience today while rest of the developers are bored still writing HTTP endpoints and querying MySQL DB using 30 years old Java/PHP for a below-average salary due to now naturally crowded, web development market. Sounds harsh? Look, I love MySQL and I have used it for 8 years but so everybody else now. Supply vs Demand

  2. You will explore the magic behind distributed and decentralized systems learning completely new design patterns and concepts improving your low-level software engineering skills (Encoding, Cryptography, Peer-to-Peer Protocols, Event Based Architecture, Consensus)

  3. Blockchain and Web3.0 is still in early, immature stages. If you become a pioneer now you will have the chance to develop applications, tools and libraries your colleagues and friends will be using in the future. Imagine directly developing Java Spring, React JS or PHP Symfony frameworks at the very beginning

Financial Reasons
  1. Blockchain jobs are very remote-friendly allowing you to work from your favourite places or home. No more time wasted commuting to work

  2. Higher salary due to lack of talent. I was a senior software engineer at trivago for 5 years (company with 1000 employees) and after becoming a blockchain developer my salary increased by 35%. Supply vs Demand

  3. Low cost of living and higher monthly profit if you land a well paid remote job

HIGH RISK / HIGH ROI BONUS: You will understand the most popular blockchain protocols and their technical shortcomings in depth (Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP) therefore you will be able to estimate what projects have the brightest feature and know where to invest

Political Reasons
  1. Web3.0 core principles aim to reduce corruption in world and improve transparency in all industries from shipping, politics, manufacturing, trading and others

  2. Focus on data privacy. There is no reason your Instagram picture, Facebook status or Twitter tweet should be stored in a commercial database for sale to advertisers

  3. Free speech censorship is getting out of control. All western companies from hardware (Apple) to software (Blizzard) are banning applications used by Hong Kong protestors. Web3.0 is designed to be peer-to-peer in order to support human basic rights

How are we going to do it?

Together. By step by step following a structured material with personal 1 on 1 coaching support over video calls.

End Result

In 6 weeks you will have your first decentralized application developed completely from scratch using Solidity programming language and deployed in production on Ethereum blockchain.

You will have full a-Z understanding of how all blockchain components work internally from the moment user clicks a button in a UI to the moment this action is persisted in a blockchain database.

You will be ready to start your new career as a: Web3.0 Ethereum full-stack blockchain developer.


  • At least 2 years of general programming experience (Frontend or Backend dev)

  • Basic JS skills (we will write tests for our Smart Contracts business logic)

  • Energy to dedicate minimum of 10 hours a week for 5 weeks

  • Patience when debugging challenges of Web3.0 development

Get Started

In order to deliver the best coaching experience I limit the number of concurrent students. At the moment I have 2 spots left available for November coaching.

👨💻Apply for the coaching before 25th of October by filling up the following google form:

👉👉👉 https://forms.gle/74Extv3bj4MY2rcAA 👈 👈👈